Monthly Archives: December 2013

Find Another Girlfriend

My friend said that his girlfriend said she’s going to dump him.  I asked him why and he said it’s because she said he snores.  I asked him if he knew if there was anything else and she said no it was just that, and she doesn’t think she can get a good night’s sleep when they  are together.  I ask him if she snored, too, and he said no.  But I think that is must be bothering her or she might just be looking for an excuse to end it.  She’s kind of strange like that and I think that she would just want to break up with him and give him some reason so she doesn’t have to say that she doesn’t like him that much.  He tells me about the things she says and I have told him that he should break up with her but he doesn’t want to listen to me although I think he is starting to realize that she is a bit weird when it comes to some things.  I’m not really the kind of person to tell someone what they should do in their relationship unless they ask, but he has asked me before and I’ve told him that I think they should break up because she doesn’t seem like she’s really a good match for him and she is going to probably dump him anyway.  I guess she has mentioned it before and they tried to work through things or whatever but I don’t really like her that much anyway so if they broke up I wouldn’t really be upset.  My friend would, but I think he would get over it because he would realize that he can get someone who isn’t as mean as she is.  Seriously, she’s just like mean to me even and I’m not even her friend.  I’m like what is your problem and then she’s like what are you talking about.  Obviously we don’t get along that well.  I think that she’s probably just trying to end the relationship without actually having to end it.  It’s something that is easier than actually having to tell the other person that you don’t like them, although it tends to make things get a bit bizarre at the same time.  Alright, so I told my friend that he should check out this withoutsnoring website and maybe there is something there he can use, if in fact he actually snores and she’s not just saying that as an excuse.