Monthly Archives: November 2014

Take a Break

I always thought it would be cool to have my own little cabin with my own little outside grounds where I could do whatever I wanted.  That may just be something that you think about when you have been in your workspace for too long and want to just go outside and then you go on out and realize that you are surrounded by buildings and people going to their places of preferred beverage creations so they can get their energy fix and then head back to their job.  It’s amazing really to think that when you are all around this kind of thing it kind of gets into your idea of what you are supposed to do.  There is nothing wrong with being steadfast about your job, but I think that maybe some people need to give some thought to if that is all they want to do.

However I probably shouldn’t be talking since I probably work as much as the people I am discussing here.

But wouldn’t it be cool to just be in your own little spot and have a stroll out back and take in the sights or whatever.  You could put up some things to give it your own flavor.  Having those kinds of breaks can help increase your enthusiasm for the work you’re doing, and I would set up my own little garden with some flower and stuff and I’d have cast iron garden furniture there and I would have some grass that would be all over the outdoors and you could make a point to notice how real everything feels.  That’s what I would do.

But of course, that’s like the opposite from where I am.  And that’s fine, because I like what I do but it’s not like I wouldn’t enjoy a little break every so often, especially if you are trying to get some details figured out that are just being confusing and you’re having to take on moped type construction in the way of all the things you are trying to do.  But that’s how we like things to be, isn’t it.  My entire point is that if you could have something to do to get your relaxation in it would make some substantial improvements in the rest of everything you do, and for me that would take variety of a scene like how I mentioned where I could be around things that would help me relax.