Monthly Archives: February 2015

Separating Books

Many of the blogs I’ve written have been about starting your projects and running your own company. The thing I have realized is that there is a lot of stuff to do and if you don’t necessarily want to do it all yourself you can have other people do some of it for you. For example, when I am thinking about how to put together documentation to send to people detailing the fine points of their services, that’s not necessarily something that I am good at so I have other people do some of it. Another reason to do that is because other people will be able to do that while I am working on other stuff. The other thing I have been thinking about having other people do is manage some of my credits. I was looking at a few different businesses that will do this and seeing which ones I would choose. I was looking at smart books online because it seems like they have a lot of things that they do that I think would be great. The other treason is because that way I can just give them what I Need or what they need and I will be able to work on other things.

This is actually a big way that people do things and you wouldn’t necessarily think of it but it’s pretty beneficial if you think about it. When I learned I was like hey, that is weird, but it makes sense, because if one person is going to be doing everything then it would be less productive than having other people help some of it. So since there are other people at different businesses that do it for you, it means you can let them do it and then do the rest of the stuff yourself. At least I am going to see if this is something that I can do, I’m not sure as I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s something you should pay attention to if you are going to be overseeing some of the sections of your company. So that you will be able to keep an eye on things more easily and not necessarily have to worry about doing all of the little things that you would otherwise have to do yourself. And in this way it’s possible that you can have a decent understanding of everything that is going on rather than having to keep focusing on all of the individual projects alone.