Monthly Archives: January 2016

Incredible Changes

A person by me at our office the has been telling me that she wants to buy something to change her appearance. She was saying that she was trying to come up with a new style of necklace or something to wear but I said that wouldn’t be what she was looking for. She kept asking me for suggestion and I was telling her that there are a few things she could try but I’m not really sure if she would like any of them. When she finally asked what I was talking about I said she should get a new pair of black solid contacts because that would be pretty awesome I think and really she would like the way it looks but it’s not something that you should really wear every day but there are certain locations where it might work and I think that could be what she is looking for. The other thing though is that it would make people curious about them and it might get you into some curious places. I don’t really know exactly where it would be but I think that doing it could be interesting.

If you think about it that would really make a big change to your look. Basically, people are going to be wondering if you are crazy or something and that can actually be kind of great. I mean, not in most cases, but there are often times when that sort of thing could be cool. Mostly though it’s just the kind of weird that that my friend would do because she is always wanting to do things weird like that. I have considered getting blue Sclera contacts.  And I think that if I could do something like that it would be awesome, but I don’t think that I would do it myself although I think my friend would do it. So that is why I asked. Her eyes are pretty but I think if she had black eyes it would look crazy and might get her the kind of interaction with others that she wants because I think she was talking about wanting to have more things happen and I’m not sure if that would do it but it probably would and I think that it’s basically what she wants. Just the other day I was thinking of other stuff for her to do but I think that it’s basically going to come down to this because everything else was something that wouldn’t be so easy to do.