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Bending Weird

So, my back has been hurting recently.  I was going to a masseuse but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.  Well, let me rephrase; it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick as quickly as I would like.  Then, the other day I was online trying to find things that might work and of course there was a lot of stuff that I feel like realistically won’t do anything.  The few friends I have talked to were like, I dunno, I take aspirin.

Thanks.  No help.

When you read some of the research, it might suggest that CBD oil can help with pain.  I haven’t actually tried it before but I do live in a weed legal state so I’m pretty sure I can just go to the nearest dispensary and pick some eventually.  The problem is, I don’t know anything about it.  I know there is THC and CBD, and I know people like THC because it gets you high.  But I don’t want to get high.  Then, that might not be true, but I don’t want to get high all the time when I’m trying to make my back issues go away.  Here, there is CBD, which doesn’t have any spacey effects but could in fact be used for pain relief if you believe the research.

But I’m not sure I do.

I might give it a try.  There are like liquids and oils and pills and stuff.  I don’t even know if there are variations between them.  Like, a drink might be ok but I feel like if you are just using it like that it’s probably going to require you to drink a lot to get a good quantity.  There are pills, those are fine I guess.  And then I’ve seen a liquid oil that you just need a little bit of to use.  That’s probably the best option, honestly.

When I was making this post I was going to go into all the technical stuff about how it all works but I elected against it.  People probably don’t care and there are other sites that explain it way better than I can.  Perhaps a more effective use would be for me to talk about how I hurt my back.

I was bending forward the other day for longer than I should have been and when I raised myself it hurt.  I shouldn’t have done it and I knew it was bad but I wasn’t paying attention to it at the time and then I was just like darn, I errored.  The problem is, it’s just a muscle strain, but it’s taking a long time to go away.  Seriously.  Like generally when you hurt yourself it goes away, right?  Possibly I should tell my back that it’s supposed to feel better.  However, it will be feeling alright and then I’ll like bend a certain way and suddenly the pain comes back.

Oh, so I do want to say, CBD is supposed to be antiinflammatory.  That’s supposed to help with a lot of issues in your body.  So there is a chance I might notice other things besides just a reduction in back pain.  Who knows.  I’m actually wondering whether or not this is going to become more popular when pot becomes legal in other states.  The thing is, everyone seems to think that it’s a drug that harms people but I feel like people are going to learn how it actually works.  But now I sound like one of those people who endlessly talk about weed, so I’m going to stop.  I don’t think I know anyone who’s tried it, actually.

Some gifts

My husband Brett’s birthday is in a few weeks and this year is no ordinary run of the mill year. He is leaving the 20’s behind her as he turns 30 years old. He doesn’t think we are going to be doing anything special for it. What he doesn’t know is that I have had something planned for months and I can’t wait to tell him. The big day is on a Friday which works out perfectly for a big day like this. We both have ample vacation time left for this year so we are both off not only that Friday but the following Monday too. Can you say 4 day weekend?

The day is going to start out by going to his favorite spot for breakfast. It is this little café in town that we both love but don’t get to as much as we’d like. They have the best French toast and that is his favorite thing for breakfast so I’m sure he’ll be ordering that. After we eat we are going to come back home and watch some Netflix while we digest. We are then going over to his parent’s house for lunch as they really wanted to see him on his big day. They told me they got him something big as a gift but wouldn’t tell me what it is. I have an idea on what they got him but I’ll probably be just as surprised as he is when they give it to him. I thought long and hard on what to get him myself. He doesn’t really wear jewelry so that wasn’t an option. Buying him clothes is out too unless I get him a gift card but that seems too impersonal for the occasion. I ended up buying him two things. He is a huge Stephen King fan and The Shining is his favorite book by him. I tracked down a first edition print signed by King with a certificate of authenticity. I know he’s going to love it. I almost have given it to him early a few times since I got it last week because I’m so excited. The second part of the gift is what we are doing that night.

I booked a room at one of the nicest hotel rooms in the city and almost made reservations at a seafood restaurant that we’ve always talked about going to. They are known for their stone crabs and I can’t wait to try some.  After dinner I also have some of our closest friends meeting us for drinks at a swanky bar. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees them. I’m sure we’ll be there until they announce last call and from there we’ll go back to our nice room and spend the night. Saturday I don’t have anything planned but I’m sure we’ll find something to do in the city.

Sunday I am taking him to a pumpkin patch. We went last year but it was the weekend before Halloween and all the good pumpkins were gone. The place we go to is on a farm and they have other stuff to do there including a petting zoo. They have llamas there and sheep and goats. They also have food and a haunted hay ride that I want to go on this year. They also have apples there and we’re going to get some and bake a pie that night. It should be fun as long as the weather holds up. I don’t have anything planned for Monday either but we’ll figure something out. It will be nice just to be home together and not stuck at our respective jobs.