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Dating Can Be Hard When You’re An Entrepreneur

Right.  I’m not going to lie.  When you’re busy all the time working on a business, finding the right person to date can be hard.  I mean, you’re already doing all you can to keep your company afloat, do you

Certain Issues

The most impressive thing about my car is that it always seems to sound good. I mean the way the tires sound on the ground, it’s not like it’s too high of volume like some of the cars I’ve owned

Incredible Changes

A person by me at our office the has been telling me that she wants to buy something to change her appearance. She was saying that she was trying to come up with a new style of necklace or something

Separating Books

Many of the blogs I’ve written have been about starting your projects and running your own company. The thing I have realized is that there is a lot of stuff to do and if you don’t necessarily want to do

Looking At Channels

The only thing I can find when it comes to picking an internet provider are the normal choices. I don’t really like them but what are you going to do because there aren’t many options. I may call around and

Take a Break

I always thought it would be cool to have my own little cabin with my own little outside grounds where I could do whatever I wanted.  That may just be something that you think about when you have been in

Commercial Marketing

My friend has got that gotta-get-a-new-car-deal thing.  We were having lunch the other day and he asked if I’d seen the commercials for some new BMW or whatever and I said no.  He then started telling me how cool it

Find Another Girlfriend

My friend said that his girlfriend said she’s going to dump him.  I asked him why and he said it’s because she said he snores.  I asked him if he knew if there was anything else and she said no

A Day Off

I pretty much got nothing done today because I wasn’t feeling well.  If I had a normal job I would’ve had to use a sick day and stay home from work today. I wish I could say the reason is

A Little Thing That Makes A Huge Impression

Some of you may remember an earlier post I did about coming up with a name for your company and how it can actually be quite a challenge despite seeming simple.  There’s another aspect of branding that goes along with

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