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A Little Thing That Makes A Huge Impression

Some of you may remember an earlier post I did about coming up with a name for your company and how it can actually be quite a challenge despite seeming simple.  There’s another aspect of branding that goes along with


As you know I’ve written a few entries about how, as an entrepreneur, you sometimes have to give up things in the short term in order to hopefully get even better things in the long term.  For example, I talked

I Think These Are So Cool!

I know I usually write about business type stuff but I’m just going to be a girl in this post! I have always loved funky, unique pieces of clothing or jewelry. When I was in college, my outfits could be

When Your Mind Wanders Off

As you work to build your business, you may occasionally find yourself daydreaming.  It could be about a delicious meal (since you are living frugally while focusing on your business, right?), or maybe the car you want to buy when

Only Three

My old roommate sent me this email earlier today.  She said I could share it here: “I am never in my life going to get behind the wheel even after one drink. I say that because last weekend I got

Meet My Friend, Coffee

When you become hyper-focused on your business, it’s easy to let some of your old healthy habits fall by the wayside.  As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes you end up skipping your workouts because you’re too busy.  That 15 minutes to

The Realities Of Starting A Business

Why do you want to be successful? The first thing most people will say when answering that question will have something to do with money. “I want to be rich!” “I want a million dollars!” Or they’ll say something that

Backup Everything

This is kind of one of those things that everyone knows they should do, but few people actually take the time to do consistently. Always.  Make.  Backups. Now, I’m not even talking about how important this is for your home

Dealing With Taxes

One of the things you don’t expect when you go into business for yourself is just how different your taxes are going to be.  For the most part, taxes as an employee are pretty easy and straightforward.  There are even

Keeping Fit When You Work All Day

One thing that can kind of be difficult when you’re running your own business is staying active when it comes to fitness.  Here’s why: Your work can kind of consume you.  You don’t have a normal 9-5 job like most