Commercial Marketing

My friend has got that gotta-get-a-new-car-deal thing.  We were having lunch the other day and he asked if I’d seen the commercials for some new BMW or whatever and I said no.  He then started telling me how cool it was and how he wanted to go test drive one and he was wanting a new car.  I was thinking that his car is just fine and he doesn’t need a new one, but I guess it’s not always an issue of needing one if you happen to want one.  But really, my friend is really into cars and I am kind of the same way except I’m not quite as excited about all of that stuff as him.  So he was telling me he’s going to go try and test drive one and if he likes it he’s going to lease it.  Now to be fair, I don’t think that leasing is always a good option in many cases, but I think for him it might work out.  He doesn’t really keep his cars for that long so if he wants to drive it for a few years and then get another vehicle that’s actually a situation in which leasing may be more practical than the other options.

Any time I see a car commercial I think of my friend.  I figure he’s probably watching it, ignoring whatever he was talking about prior to that commercial coming on, and thinking about how much he wants that car.  He’s the guy who wants to get a big house with a big garage so he can keep all his vehicles in there and work on them or drive them or just go out there and be around them when he wants to.

Of course, I think he’s got a ways to go before he gets there since he only has one car right now and I don’t know that leasing vehicles is the way to amass wealth, but like I said it will probably work for him.  I know that he’s going to eventually get one of those cars he was telling me about.  He’ll go absolutely find the best luxury car lease deals and go with whoever is offering them and he’ll drive home one day in his new car and call me and be like “hey, come check this out” and I’ll head over there and he’ll be in the driveway next to his new car and he’ll be all silly and pumped up.  It’s just what he does!