Dating Can Be Hard When You’re An Entrepreneur

Right.  I’m not going to lie.  When you’re busy all the time working on a business, finding the right person to date can be hard.  I mean, you’re already doing all you can to keep your company afloat, do you really want to worry about finding someone, too?  Your friends are probably all dating someone, and they probably met them at the park, or maybe online, but they have someone.

And you don’t.

And it gets to you sometimes.  It’s not that you need more things to worry about, you just kind of want someone there sometimes.

So you go online and make an online dating profile.   Do you get any matches?  Yeah, but not from anyone you want to date.

This article is basically because I am totally in awe of Ladan Radafshar, president of FernDate.  Fern is a site that provides online dating help in Portland.  Essentially, for people that haven’t had any luck online, they will make a new profile for you so you can advertise yourself correctly.  You get a photoshoot, too, which will get you better pics than the ones you took on your device.  They will even evaluate the matches for you.  If you feel like outsourcing your dating life, obviously.

It all comes at a price, though.  How much would you pay to be matched with the right person for you?  It’s not cheap, but if you’re already successful in every realm except love, it might be worth it.

Actually, this is a great idea.  People outsource just about everything else already, why not have someone get you dates?  Maybe you still meet people outside in public.  Maybe you’re not even sure how this service is necessary.  Mostly, Ms. Radafshar just fits the idea of our blog.  Startupladies is dedicated to focusing on your projects and the issues that come with them, of which getting someone to date is a problem that many entrepreneurs face.  It looks like she is actually making this a thing of the past.  If anyone is having trouble meeting people online, this may actually be the thing for them.  It’s definitely something to consider for those of you who aren’t really where you want to be with your internet dating.  For those of you who think this couldn’t even be real, prepare to be impressed.  There’s one thing you can bet on, and that’s that people prefer love.  Can you put a price on love?  Maybe.