When Your Mind Wanders Off

As you work to build your business, you may occasionally find yourself daydreaming.  It could be about a delicious meal (since you are living frugally while focusing on your business, right?), or maybe the car you want to buy when you sell your business, or maybe you’ve just been up working all day and are daydreaming about how comfortable your bed is going to be.

I’ve been daydreaming about traveling.  I want to go somewhere far away, somewhere exotic.  I want go somewhere where they don’t speak English and the food is delicious and every day is an adventure and there’s a bunch of fun stuff to do and the scenery is beautiful and I can meet cool people and not have to worry about work or anything like that.  There should be a beach where I can just relax and drink fruity drinks and watch the waves and the people and forget about everything that’s on my mind.  Somewhere like Indonesia.  It’s on the other side of the planet, everyone is supposedly super friendly, they have a bunch of (presumably delicious) spicy food, they have world-class snorkeling and beaches, and they speak Indonesian.  I’d visit the major islands, take in the sites, relax on the beach, eat some food, stay at a hotel Bandung, and just chill out for a while.

palm trees

Palm trees!

The problem, though, is that I’d probably either get a little too relaxed and end up staying there too long or wanting to move there and letting my business suffer, or I wouldn’t be able to relax enough because I’d keep thinking about work the whole time and be sitting there on the beach like “yeah, this is cool, I wonder how many emails I’ve gotten today.  I wonder if any of them are urgent enough that I should be responding to them now.  I wonder if anyone is trying to get a hold of me,” etc.  I’ve always been kind of high strung like that, so as you can see, I really need a vacation!

Of course once it’s over you come back to reality.  I’m not sure how I’d deal with that, and that’s part of the reason I have trouble relaxing in the first place; I always know that “real life” is waiting for me when I get back, so I have trouble getting lost in the moment.

That’s actually something I want to work on.  I’ve heard meditation can be helpful with that so maybe it’s something I should look into.